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What is PPI

Payment Protection Insurance, also known as PPI, is an insurance policy that was intended to cover your monthly finance repayments if you were ever unable to pay them yourself. With this policy, an agreed sum of money is paid out each month to either fully cover or partially cover the payment due on your finances. This policy was designed to cover you, if you:

  • become unemployed, through no fault of your own
  • are involved in an accident
  • suffer an illness

Payment protection insurance is usually taken out alongside mortgages, personal loans and credit cards. Typically the policy will cover your monthly finance repayments for 12 or (depending upon who you are with) 24 months. Once the period that is defined in your policy has been reached, you will have to cover the monthly payments yourself.

Please be aware that not all of the polices are the same; each individual policy will always have different levels of coverage and different exclusions. That being said, the majority of the insurance policies will not cover you if, at the time of taking the policy out, you were:

  • Self-employed
  • Unemployed
  • Retired
  • Already knew that you wouldn’t be able to pay the money back because you had a pre-existing medical condition or illness that meant you couldn’t work

Whilst the product itself was not inherently bad, many problems arose concerning the product due to widespread mis-selling.

Here at 3DM Legal, we are dedicated to helping our customers reclaim mis-sold PPI and have plenty of experience in handling these claims. We offer a free PPI check to establish if you have any PPI on any of your borrowings.

If you fear you have been mis-sold PPI then it could be worth taking a free check to see if you have any PPI on any of your loans, credit cards or other finance agreements.

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