Hurry: Claim Deadline Announced

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How much does it cost to claim back PPI?

PPI can be claimed back for free if you do it yourself. Many people have made claims successfully themselves. Most claims management companies like 3DM Legal charge 20% plus VAT on any compensation you receive. Please remember, we can offer you a free check to establish if you have PPI or not.

Initial costs

There are no initial costs to make a claim for PPI. Our free check service ascertains whether or not you have a PPI policy, which may have been mis-sold. Full details click here.

Our Fees

We operate under a strict No win, No fee policy* and that means that if you are unsuccessful in your claim then you will not have to pay a penny.*
*A reasonable fee payable if the claim is cancelled at client’s request, after we have started your claim.

If your claim for mis-sold payment protection is successful, we will charge a fee of 30% plus VAT of any amount recovered on your behalf.

Example table showing different ways compensation may be awarded:

Table showing our fees

If you want to make a claim then please fill out our free check service, which will help us check whether you have a claim for mis-sold PPI, or not.

If you have a PPI policy at this stage, we are happy to talk to you about your options regarding claiming this back. For a breakdown of our process, please visit here.

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