Hurry: Claim Deadline Announced

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As with many things we are unable to put an exact time on how long it will take to reclaim your mis-sold PPI. Every case will vary depending on the lender or credit card provider who originally sold the policy.

We will always give you an estimate of how long your individual claim is likely to take when we first assess your claim. At every stage of the process, you will always be kept informed.

The free check process can take approximately 50 days. This allows us time to prepare your paperwork and to receive a response within the prescribed timescales allowed by the Data Protection Act. If there any problems locating you as a person or your credit, this time can be extended until the problem is resolved.

The reclaim process

If you choose to use 3DM Legal to claim your PPI policy back, we will ask you a series of questions in relation to the credit, your personal circumstances at the time as well as what happened during the sale. This information is used and assessed by the banks in relation to whether or not to uphold your complaint. It is possible that after your claim has been started that it could take as little as 8 weeks for your claim to be upheld and a further 4 weeks to get your money back.

If your claim is rejected and you do not agree with the banks findings, we will talk to you about progressing your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service. This service arbitrates between customers who have a complaint against a financial services business. The Ombudsman service is currently seeing many cases every week submitted to it’s offices, which means in the worst cases, it can take as long as two years for your case to be resolved.

Can I speed up the process?

Naturally, you will be eager to gain a settlement of your claim as quickly as possible. You may have been wrongly charged for a product which you either did not want or could not use and as a victim of the PPI mis-selling scandal it is understandable that you will want to recover lost charges as quickly as possible.

Whilst there is little you can do once the claim is in the middle of processing, those wanting to ensure we can submit your claim promptly should look at getting their financial documents in order. If you still have your copy of the credit agreement which PPI was added to then this could be hugely beneficial when it comes to processing your claim as we will not need to obtain copies from the lender.

If you have a query about your claim or you wish to see how it is progressing, you can give us a call on 01604 420068. We’re always here to help and welcome any enquiries which you may have.

Always provide this information upfront and make sure you give us all the information you have at your disposal. This will ensure we are in the best position to process your claim.

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