Hurry: Claim Deadline Announced

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3 Simple Steps

1. Free PPI Check

We check with your bank or lender whether or not you have PPI. These accounts can be open or closed, going back 20 years. This is 100% Free to you.

Once we have established you have had PPI, we will contact you to let you know.

2. Confirmation of PPI

We will contact you to let you know if you have any PPI on any finances.

3. Decision Time! - what do you want to do next?

  • You feel that the PPI was mis-sold and ask us to take on your case.
  • You feel that the PPI was not mis-sold and have asked us to end the process.
  • You choose to use the information we have provided to take the case on yourself. We will forward you the information you need and that would be the end of our commitment to you.

Engaging 3DM Legal to handle your claim

If you feel that the PPI was mis-sold and ask 3DM Legal to take on the case, we will take your complaint over the phone (or by post) and send you out the paperwork to sign. You will be entering an agreement with 3DM Legal.

If you want to accept our services, please return the paperwork and we start your claim using the details you have provided.

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