Hurry: Claim Deadline Announced

Seen on: Daily Mail, Sky News, The Independant

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) estimates that millions of people have been mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance. They were sold insurance that didn't suit their needs, and information provided to them was either incorrect or missing at the point of sale. This means that millions of people are able to reclaim PPI that was mis-sold to them.

If any of the following statements apply, you may be able to reclaim PPI on the grounds that it was mis-sold to you:

  • you didn't ask for the insurance policy, but it was added to your finance anyway
  • you were informed the insurance was compulsory or that by taking it, you would have a better chance of obtaining the loan
  • you weren't made aware payment protection was optional or that you could purchase cheaper cover elsewhere
  • the policy exclusions were not pointed out to you - for example, the terms for cancelling the cover or significant exclusions such as stress related illness and back problems
  • you were unemployed, retired or self-employed when you took out the cover
  • you had a medical problem or illness at the time of taking out the cover that could have kept you from working
  • you already had alternative cover such as an employee benefits package covering sickness and redundancy or income protection

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