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This form is the beginning of your free check. We will use the info you supply to contact your lender and find out if you have had any PPI on any finance in the last 10 years (or longer in certain cases).

We will pay all fees associated with retrieving your details. If you don’t have any PPI, or do not wish to use our services any further once we have established you have PPI, there will be nothing to pay.


Completing our application is as easy as three simple steps.
If you have any difficulty or would prefer to talk to us, please call on 01604 420068

Step 1 (Your Details)

We need your details so we can send you the forms.

Step 2 (Your Claims)

Let us know the lenders names and the type of account you had.

Step 3 (Confirm)

Choose to download the forms or receive them in the post.

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