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PPI can seem like a complex product, but in-fact it’s very simple. PPI stands for Payment Protection Insurance. This insurance was an optional ‘add-on’ initially created to cover holders of these policies if they were unable to meet their monthly repayments due to sickness, injury or redundancy.

The types of financial products that would of potentially have had PPI added to include:

Research conducted in the late nineties suggested that:

  • Over 2 million people had been paying for PPI policies that they had absolutely zero chance of being able to claim on, you could be one of them.
  • 1.3 million people were believed to have been sold the insurance on the understanding this was the only way they could be approved for a line of credit – which is of course false.
  • In a shocking number of cases PPI was added onto a customer’s policy without their knowledge or permission. Most customers didn’t notice they were paying for a policy because the PPI payments were hidden within the regular loan payments.

By 2008, 20 million PPI policies existed in the UK that’s nearly 1 in 3 of the 2008 population.

We have been helping customers retrieve what has been rightfully owed to them since 2007, during this period we’ve successfully processed over 169,000 successful claims and returned over £274 million to our customers.

The big five banks have paid out £24bn in compensation so far and have set aside a further £32.6bn to deal with the estimated claims that will come forward before the deadline of 29th August 2019.

Recent figures show that just 6 out of 10 claims that are made without the help of a company like us are rejected, either because the claimant hasn’t got access to the required information or because they haven’t got the experience of dealing with these kinds of processes.

You may not have all the required paper work or account details available to you, this is the case for many people, but all is not lost. has been helping customers to get refunds for what is rightfully theirs for years. Because of the name we have built in the industry we have brokered a deal with all the major banks and lenders, meaning that we’re required to only provide a name, date of birth and address. Once we submit this information to the banks they’re able to access their databases and determine if any PPI was added onto any finance you may have taken out.

People often ask, ‘how much compensation will I get?’ Every PPI policy is different and it very much depends on how long you held the policy for, you may even have multiple policies that you were unaware of.

YES – 29th August 2019

Only 25% of people who are owed a refund for mis-sold PPI are thought to have actually claimed and received their rightfully owed money.

The implementation of this deadline is obviously very appealing to banks, as they will potentially be saving a large amount of money as they will not have to repay the masses of customers who are owed PPI refunds if they miss the deadline.

In fact, it has been suggested by the campaign group ‘Payback Time’ that banks are expecting to save as much as £23 billion in unpaid PPI refunds.

If you have reason to believe that you are one of the many people still owed a refund for PPI, it is highly advisable that you should act quickly, you may be completely unaware that you have been affected so we highly advise that you complete a FREE CHECK with us.

All you have to do to get the process started is complete a free check, for which you will only have to provide your name, current address, date of birth and select the relevant lenders that you have previously borrowed from in the form of a loan, credit card, store card, car finance or mortgage. Following this, we will be able to send you the pre-filled forms for you to simply add your signature. Don’t worry, we do not need any old account numbers.

With the confirmed deadline, don’t delay starting the process, it’s predicted that the deadline will drive large volumes of claims which could lead to longer lead times, check today to see if you could receive a PPI refund.

If you have had a mortgage, loan, credit card, store card, car finance or any other loaned finance in the last 10 years, you may have had Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) included as part of the agreement.

It would be deemed mis-sold if:

  • You didn't ask for PPI, but it was added to the policy anyway?
  • You were told the insurance was compulsory, or that you would have a better chance of getting the loan approved if you decided to take it.
  • You were not aware that including PPI was optional, or that you could purchase cheaper PPI cover elsewhere.
  • You were unemployed, retired or self-employed when you took out the cover.
  • A range of other failings were possible, depending upon your individual circumstances.

You can check your agreements and statements to see if it includes PPI.

PPI is also known by other names: Accident, Sickness & Unemployment (ASU), Loan Protection, Account Cover, Credit Insurance and Loan Repayment Insurance if any of your agreements include these variants you could be paying for PPI

For loans, the PPI may be a single-premium policy, which will be shown on your loan agreement as a lump sum added to the loan.

For a credit card, PPI charges are added to your account each month, so this should be shown on your statements.

You can check whether or not you have had PPI in a number of ways:

  1. You can take advantage of 3DM Legals’s Free PPI check, simply complete the 2 step form online. We don’t need old account numbers, we simply need your name, current address, date of birth and for you to select from the drop down list which lenders you have previously used. We will then send you the pre-filled forms, we need your signature and then we will contact the banks on your behalf.
  2. If you have copies of your paperwork you can check your credit agreement to see if in the term(s) Insurance, PPI, ASU, (Accident, Sickness & Unemployment), Loan Protection, Account Cover, Credit Insurance and Loan Repayment Insurance are mentioned, if any of your agreements include these variants you could be paying for PPI and you can contact your bank/lender directly to request a refund.
  3. You can conduct your own SAR – Subject Access Request, which will allow you to request any details an organisation has on you within the last 6 years.

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